Software Development Firm for Productive Cooperation

Our company provides a full range of services for all business needs. Whether you are the large enterprise or a startup company, software solutions will help you to remain competitive in the world of digital technologies.
We aim to build our products at the highest professional level and even to anticipate wishes of the clients to achieve the best results.
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Our Experience

Our experience includes more than 7 years of successful work and hundreds of the realized and implemented software solutions, forming a solid foundation for the success of all new projects. The work we do is distinguished by high quality, in-depth technical expertise and practical experience of development for various industries.
We specialize in building of complicated program systems, implementation of the most progressive ideas using the latest approaches and technologies

Software for All Needs

Our firm develops software of different types: web, desktop, mobile and cloud applications, complex systems and the most advanced technologies for optimization of business processes. Creating convenient in use and sophisticated applications, we change the world of business and simplify operation, making it more productive and efficient.

Professional Approach

As the forward-thinking IT professionals, we constantly increase our experience and expertise, that allows the software solutions we provide to be at the peak of technologies. The profound knowledge of programming languages, web technologies, operating systems, databases and software platforms are embodied in the new projects from year to year.
We permanently invest in a study of new technologies, selecting the best of them. Our firm offers the clients the best methods to apply these technologies in development processes to obtain the best results. Such approach allows solving problems of clients, creating the modern, reliable and high-ergonomic systems.

Why Choose Our Company

Whether you need to customize a program or create your own, you need professional developers. Of course, you can create your own internal team, but software creation is a time-consuming process, requiring a lot of skills and expertise. Any single developer can hardly cope with such a difficult challenge, and it is not a simple task to form the right team. Our team of programmers and designers are highly professional in planning, coding, designing, testing and many other occupations of development process.

Outsource Software Development

When you hire an outside firm to make some work, it means that you use outsourcing. Development of tailored program for the business management using outsource services has certain advantages:
  • Professional skills. It is not that hard to build a simple mobile app, using free app creation sites, but if you need the full-fledged program with sophisticated functionality tailored specially for your needs, that is different. Such task requires thorough graphic design, sometimes website creation, coding in various program languages.
  • Equipment. You may need certain expensive inventory and equipment that will not pay off with the accomplishment of a task. Our firm, which is specialized in the web and mobile software development has everything that is needed.
  • Temporary needs. When you need to develop custom software, you will apparently use the services of programmers only once. Later you might need to update it or upgrade, but it is not something daily call-off. When you have an in-house team of developers, you need to pay salary every month, regardless the volume of their working hours. Besides, it is practically impossible to find highly skilled developers for a part-time job. Thus, when you hire outsource company, you are sure, that you work with specialists and pay only for work that was done.
In other words, outsourcing is the best choice for temporary tasks. It may seem that hourly rates or project cost are high, but it still will be more bounce to the ounce than paying annual salary to the staff. When you collaborate with our firm, you can rely on the full technical maintenance even after we launch the software.


The main advantage of your own team of developers is an opportunity to regularly monitor their activity. But it is still not a guaranty that it will cost you less because of the following factors:
  • You need to hire several developers with a certain expertise, and you have to pay salary every month.
  • You should spend time on management of this additional staff and help them to study new technologies
  • Your staff should participate in different international conferences providing with advanced testing devices and investigating the latest changes for iOS, Android, Windows, and Microsoft standards.
  • You have to pay fees for the licenses, and so on.
As a result, it can turn out to be not that qualitative as expected. Finally, if you are sure, that in-house team of developers is a must for the enterprise, you may let them doing the most everyday things, and hire the development firm for short-term projects to make sure, that everything is done in the best way. We always work in close cooperation with developers of the clients, and this teamwork produces excellent results.

Custom Software Development

The difference between the standard software product and the individual solution: custom software development considers all requirements of the business and implies creation of a unique product. We consider all wishes of the client from functionality and to the interface preferences.
In a range of the services we provide - building and support of the software according to the individual specification on various language platforms: Microsoft.NET, ASP.NET, XML, AJAX, JAVA, C, C#, C ++.

Upgrade Your Enterprise

Use of IT in work of the modern entities provides significant acceleration of the majority of industrial processes, removal of managerial loading, reduction of paper document flow, simplification of a set of tasks. But at the same time availability of technologies and office equipment causes a number of time and finance costs, requires availability of additional personnel. The task of our company is to create the software, which maximizes productivity with the minimum efforts from your part.

Complex Systems

Having vast experience in creation of multi-level systems, we offer cost-efficient, simple in servicing and scalable technology solutions.

Web Applications

In dynamically developing world of web soltions we provide reliable and handy applications with intuitively clear interface and modern design.

Mobile Solutions

We develop the apps integrated with the leading software for the most popular mobile platforms, such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone and many others.

Custom or Ready-Made Solutions?

Software development is the single and most rational alternative to acquisition of standard programs. Despite lower cost of box decisions, their basic functionality is not always capable of satisfying needs of the business. And implementation of new options to standard programs in most cases is a rather expensive service. As a result, it turns out that a software product can appear not only more effective and functional but also cheaper than buying and upgrading a standard program.

Our Working Strategy

During the years of successful work through trial and errors, we have elaborated the optimum creation strategy to provide the clients only with the best software in the most shortest terms at a fair price.
Evaluation of Requirements
The assessment of requirements has critical value for success of the project in the field of software development. Requirements should be properly described, meet criteria of feasibility, measurability, checkability and correspond the tasks of business area and opportunities of the technological environment. Requirements are necessary for creation of system architecture and design.
If you have an idea to be realized, we will apply flexible methodologies of elaboration, allowing to control changes in requirements, such as Scrum which we widely apply in work. But if you have a clear vision of the software needed, we will be happy to follow the standard Waterfall strategy to achieve the best result.
Choice of the Optimal Solution
There are always several possible technical approaches to implementation of a program system. To choose the one, which corresponds to the needs of the client, the developers analyze requirements to functionality, performance, safety, usability, and support; environment in which the system will operate, and also development and maintenance costs.
After the careful analysis of the ideas, providing information about strengths and weaknesses of each of them, we choose the optimum approach in open discussion with the client.
Creation of the Prototype
To make the future project more apprehended for all the participants of the process, and avoid any unclear point, we conduct research of whether the idea or the concept is implementable, using our extensive experience.
As result of such studies, we provide information on the work plan and cost of development, and also the prototype proving feasibility of the offered approach in particular working cases.
Development of Architecture and UX
  • The architecture is a basis of a program system; therefore, it is important to pay special attention to its elaboration. The main starting points for architecture development are functional requirements and characteristics, such as safety, performance, reliability, expected environment and interaction with third-party systems. The creation process is iterative: at first, the architecture of high level is developed, then there is a disaggregation of separate parts and subsystems.
  • Development of the user interface (UX) is made taking into account target audience of the software. Our firm offers a full-service package on style development, study of user interaction scenarios, and support of various platforms: web, tablets, smartphones. As well as in case of development of architecture, we adhere to the iterative process based on close interaction with future users of system.
Development and Quality Control
Use of the most advanced approaches in development and quality assurance gives our clients and us confidence in reliability of the services.
Our development team adheres to standards of programming, the accurate principles of architecture creation and registration of code. Strict quality control procedures allow being confident that every product conforms to the highest quality requirements.
We widely use the automated control facilities of code quality. Our developers constantly enhance the skills, study new technologies and approaches.
Various levels of testing are applied: modular, integration, system. In close interaction with clients, we perform acceptance testing of a ready-made product.
Technical Maintenance
In most cases, sale and development of the software in our company don't come to an end after an implementation stage. We continue supporting the products even after launch. Our firm provides services for technical support, optimization, and improvement of a product. We maintain constant dialogue with the clients, to quickly solve the current engineering problems and timely update and upgrade the software to make it the most efficient tool for your business.

Let’s Start Cooperation!

If you need a software development firm to create a bespoke application, to improve your existing system or to find the right digital solution for your business - here we are!
Contact us today, let’s discuss your ideas and problems - it is time to advance your enterprise, and we know how to do it in the best way possible.