Mobile Application Developers: The Benefits of iOS and Android

Design a native mobile application to connect to the customers and increase your visibility in the online market through a brand-new digital solution for your business.

How Can We Help?

  • Whether you need a native IOS or Android app, a cross-platform solution or a web-based application, we will help you find the right platform and software development approach.
  • Our talented team of app developers will create an amazing experience designed specifically for your target audience with their expectations, needs and interests in view.
  • We assure the quality of our product at every stage of the development process, reviewing the code, testing and updating the app, which enables us to deliver secure, stable and efficient solutions that bring value to your business.

iOS Mobile App Design

Apple’s mobile operating system is one of the most popular platforms all over the world and especially in the USA, where iPhone and iPad have become cult devices of the mass culture and business world. If you wish to target an American market, native iOS app development is the best choice, but it is also great for other regions if you are focused on business audience and people with higher income.

Why iOS Is Great for Businesses?

The programmers and designers at Mobile Application Developers deeply understand the iOS platform and the specifics of design for iPhone and iPad, and can build a native app that perfectly fits into your business and makes you stand out from the competition, ensuring a top position in the Apple’s mobile marketplace, App Store. The wide popularity and admiration for the Steve Job’s platform allows you to reach out to the biggest audience, targeting the niche of your focus and the influencers you wish to connect to.

Security and Performance

The iOS applications have strict guidelines and impeccable reputation, which makes them the best choice for business who want to establish trust and increase customer loyalty. iOS support only a limited number of devices as opposed to Android, which empowers hundreds of different smartphones and tablets, therefore, it is easier for developers to code, design and test the iOS apps. Moreover, Apple releases regular updates of its mobile operating system, which ensures that the most part of devices run on the latest version of the iOS. Therefore, it also means that the developers can create a program optimised for the most recent versions of the iOS platform and ignore the outdated ones to save you time and money.

Stability and High Quality

The continuity and stability of the iOS allows the developers to focus on more serious aspect of app development like designing particular elements and assuring quality, while Android developers struggle with resizing the images and modifying each element of the app to adjust it for each of the hundreds of Android smartphones and tablets. All in all, iOS’s stability and security enables us to deliver first-class applications that appeal to people and help businesses prosper.

Wide Recognition and Focus on Users

The success of your iOS app depends on the number of users and their input. It is very hard to get to the top of App Store given that only 1% of all publishers receive 94% of all App Store revenues, according to the latest reports. The main factors in measuring the popularity of your program are App Store ratings, user reviews, the daily number of downloads and the amount of in-app purchases.

Why User Feedback Is Important

Once your app has been launched to the market, you should analyze the user feedback and the efficiency of your marketing strategy, tapping into the opinions of the customers and optimising your app accordingly. Monitoring user feedback, you will know the reaction of your customers and be able to ensure a continuous success of your digital products. Our business analysts, developers and designers can maintain and support your mobile app, optimising it to meet the expectations of your customers and keep up to date with the latest trends and technologies emerging in the mobile market every day.

iOS Design and Functionality

Due to the large amount of high quality applications on the market today, iPhone and iPad owners expect your product to meet the high standards set by the competition. First of all, frequent updates of the operating system released by Apple ensure that your app stays up to date and is properly optimized for the new versions of the iOS. Moreover, you will not need to optimise the app for each specific device and platform’s version, so you will not lose any audience and maintain a high quality of your software. This also reduces the time of development iterations and testing, allowing developers to concentrate on crafting the experience of the program and honing every detail of the interface. Our talented mobile application developers deliver top-notch solutions that provide your customers with unforgettable experiences and continuously support them to maintain a leading position for your business in the ever-changing market.

Android Mobile Application Developers

Our expert software designers will create a native Android application that is engaging, useful and accessible to the largest group of Android device owners.
  • Native Android applications have limitless opportunities and are compatible with lots of different software tools and hardware devices.
  • Google’s mobile operating systems allows you to extend the online visibility of your brand and provide your customers with a truly engaging mobile experience.
  • Unprecedented level of customisation opportunities of Android enables the developers to regularly introduce new features, create buzz around your program and contribute to the growth of your business.
Reach Out to the Biggest Audience
When you build an app for Android, you ensure that your brand will be visible to the largest audience all over the world, because Android is the most popular mobile operating system on the plane that empowers most mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets that run Android are affordable, different in design and hardware features, handy and customizable thanks to the great flexibility of the platform.
The Advantages of Android App Development
Due to a large demographic of Android users, developing an Android software you can target any specific niche of customers without focusing on one specific location or region. No matter what industry your business represents and what audience you wish to target, Android ensures that you easily reach out to everyone. Our team of enthusiastic and skillful developers will work with you to create a mobile solution that will serve this international audience while keeping in line with your business strategy and brand identity.
Android’s Flexibility and Accessibility
As we have already mentioned, Andorid empowers a great variety of smartphones and tablets. Due to this fact, there are many online mobile marketplaces that offer a great variety of Android apps. Your customer will be able to find and download your program on multiple online stores such as Google Play, Galaxy Apps, Amazon App Store and others independent marketplaces. Such a great variety of stores, devices and apps increases the accessibility of your mobile solution and makes it easier to connect to various groups of customers.
Great Experience Across All Android Devices
Do not worry about the fact that Android devices all differ in size, software and hardware - our experienced developers can design an app that is compatible with all different modifications of Android and offers a great experience across all devices. Other digital agencies may find it extremely challenging to create a universal mobile program supported by different mobile devices, but we are not afraid of challenges and have enough expertise to design a program that works equally well across all Android smartphones and tablets.
Ongoing Quality Assurance
One of the downsides of such a big scope of devices and operating system’s version is that Android apps require continuous support and quality assurance. As a business owner, you without a doubt want your program to work on all user devices as intended, and need to promptly address any issues that may arise. You should carefully monitor the quality of app because even the smallest flaw can damage the reputation of your entire business, and our continuous maintenance and support service allows you not to worry about performance of your program and focus on running your business instead. Maintaining good performance and rich functionality of your app, you ensure that it stand out from the competition and increases customer loyalty.
Bring Your Business to the Next Level with IT Experts
The open nature of Android provide developers with a great flexibility and variety of choices that they can implement within their programs. Therefore, you can choose the features and tools that will likely leave a greater impression on your niche audience and best fit into your business process. Android developers have an opportunity to utilize advanced technologies and efficient software development tools to enrich your mobile program and integrate it with many valuable online channels like social networks and e-commerce platforms.
Are you ready to bring your business to the next level? Discuss your project with our mobile application developers and invest into the future of your company.