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A successful iOS app design starts with good usability. We know how to do it the best.

We create a standout design

Apple's iTunes has millions of iOS apps. The biggest task we have in designing applications is to create an experience that stands out in a crowded marketplace and prevent customers from experimenting with other people's apps.

  • Have you ever downloaded an app and never used it again?
  • Abandoning the bad experience comes from the wrong visualisation. That's why iOS app design has a strategic foundation in developing entirely new apps.
  • We have the experience you need.
  • Due to screen size and device and operating system updates for smartphones and tablets, as well as wearable devices, iOS software design is very specialized. The development of the mobile app need not be left to the task of the web designer.
  • Successful UI development requires creative skills and experience.

After creating hundreds of custom solutions, our team has a perfect and memorable user experience and how to take advantage of that power on Apple's iOS platform.

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    Design - is the typical and special part of creating any app. We create completely unique and convenient Apple apps. IOS designers use layout elements based on new standards and customer requirements. We've created an innovative iOS mobile app layout on your iPhone to make our experience incredible.

    If you need an iOS app that has an original and original layout, please contact our customer service department. We will be happy to help!

    UI / UX

    UX / UI is a design of any user interface where availability is as important as appearance.

    • UX (user experience) is the experience of using the interface
    • UI (UI) - display of the interface and its physical characteristics
    • There are some policies for iOS UI
    • Organization interface elements
    • Grouping of interface factors
    • Alignment of interface elements
    • Single-style interface element
    • Free space

    UX developers are planning how users interact with the interface and what they should do to take action. UI designers think about what each step looks like. UX and UI are closely related. An interactive user interface, efficient user experience, and positive feedback can significantly increase the productivity of iOS software. IOS adds excellent excellence in UI design and provides a great opportunity to provide compelling and accurate user stories. Our organization provides excellent iOS mobile design for a variety of apps. If you have an iOS app concept, but you need a consultant who can implement it with the help of UI / UX design - our developers help here!

    Our advantages:

    • High quality service
    • Top iOS developers
    • Experienced iPhone designer
    • Run the order in time
    • Personal method
    • Advanced technology and system usage
    • Unique and innovative design
    • Friendly staff, team spirit
    • Secure transaction
    • Specialized creative team
    • All confidentiality

    Not only what it seems

    If you do not have a thoughtful user experience, apps, websites and large data are useless. That's why we apply user-centered design techniques to every product we develop.

    UX: Your product will integrate forms and features so customers can quickly find the information they need. We use usability verification tools and strategies to understand how customers interact with their products to maximize engagement and customer satisfaction.

    Visual design: Because the research has shown that we absorb information from an image 50 times faster than textual content, you can expect the product to be very visual. Our layout professionals can streamline frameworks, projects and interactive prototypes to ensure excellent user experience.

    Move the first layout: When developing equipment with minimal real estate, your product will focus on the main capabilities of its customers. We are mobile priority development experts who run user stories on any device, anytime, anywhere.


    • Debug Board Work Conferences
    • Designing Style Projects
    • Creating IA
    • Prototype app Features
    • Creating Visual Guidelines
    • Visual Information Layout
    • Usability Testing

    Creation and the latest trends

    The features of today's mobile applications can change the way you do business and we always keep a close eye on what's going on in the digital world.

    IoT + wearable app

    Wearable devices and the Internet of Things will not disappear anywhere. From the health sector to education and smart homes to smart workplaces, IoT applications will begin to become mainstream. While it may take longer for IoT to take off, there is still a long way to go. Apple Watch applications have thrived and will continue to see the light of day.

    Affordable / adaptable

    Your app can now be seen by children of eight or eighty. Therefore, we never forget the accessibility and adaptability of your app when designing the software. Depending on the type and type of audience, we decidedly decided on navigation, font size, spacing, color and more.

    Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality app

    No matter how extravagant these apps, applications AR and VR slowly invade our lives, except for games. Real estate, style, retail and more. You'll see more AR applications brought to you by customers in advance. The demand for immersive research in many industries should jump.

    Affordable / adaptable

    Your app can now be seen by children of eight or eighty. Therefore, we never forget the accessibility and adaptability of your app when designing the software. Depending on the type and type of audience, we decidedly decided on navigation, font size, spacing, color and more.

    Data Oriented UI / UX Design

    Undoubtedly, the emphasis will be more useful than aesthetics. As for the theme of UI visualisation, it is very important to test the software at every stage of the user’s journey.

    UX was unable to map consciousness

    Mapping travel and user processes is key to the user experience design process. However, these problems are more inclined to the ideal consumer. What about non-ideal consumers? So, is not it a perfect situation? The process of showing how something went wrong helps us create UX, which offers a great experience even in less than perfect situations.

    Prototype tools

    This year we saw a major upward movement in prototyping and interactive layout. Designers and developers are preparing to use more prototyping tools to help better understand and visualize the interface's appearance. Our experts include Axure RP, Mockplus, Justinmind, Balsamiq, OmniGraffle, Origami, Adobe Experience Design, Prott, Principles, InVision, UXpin, Marvel, and more. We offer a wide range of prototype and wireframe tools.

    Official bounty of the burger menu

    You think the UI trend of this app will remain, but it will disappear quickly.

    The Burger menu has more than two years of debate. Many of us may still like the burger menu, but of course it has some disadvantages. That's why this trend is becoming obsolete, making the interface easier to use.

    Material design

    This is one of the most important trends in mobile app creation.

    Now we know the concept of Google stuff, right? The update is that it is not simple and flat. It's surprising and clever at the same time. The material design remains strong here, it will only increase the influence in the next 12 months.

    Background blurred

    Design a larger screen

    Fund not totally obscure, but diffuse. They have been popular since the Earl of 2015. What makes them so friendly? Although they are not as flashy as flash, they may still have some impact that captures the eyes. Pleasant components, buttons undoubtedly appear with pictures, but the content of the text content has been proliferation.

    Coloring + typography

    Considering the difference between a mobile screen and a desktop screen, the layout and color scheme to move the screen should be one for larger screen sizes in terms of eye size and shape.

    Clarity is an important factor here

    The user rolls his thumb up on the phone, which is faster than scrolling with the mouse. So basically they are skimmed. Typography for iOS applications should be the most important statistic for faster attention.

    Gaming - Animation + Movie

    Some actions to attract attention. While video and animation are considered the culprit of heavy loading of web pages and unnecessary distractions, they still keep the road highlighting what you want to highlight. Products, gifts, discounts that need attention, reach new categories, things. Do not get involved in activities, it will simply turn people off. Stay scattered, simple, but important.

    Heard of phablets? Well, be prepared for some of them to enter the market. Larger display size trend. Around them, there are many factors that will create a mobile user experience and establish new guidelines for the creators. The design of a large screen needs to be adjusted in the daily size of the button, use a larger print area, dissemination of information and a lot of different things.

    Card layout and slider card

    The complete card interface determines the layout of the mobile app and will continue to do so within the next year. Trello, Pinterest, Apple's Airdrop features are well-known examples.

    Small interaction

    With so many quick accountability needs, customers do not have the time or, more importantly, wait patiently until the moment they launch, giving them the preferred outcome. That's exactly what micro-interactions do. They provide customers with trigger points, and when they use them, they get results on the same screen immediately.

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