Our projects and integrated solutions for customer companies. Case Studies

Let’s share a ride
(a mobile app for ridesharing)

The transportation company engaged our Miara to launch a new mobile application that could foster driver-rider relationships. Our team helped to roadmap the project and outline the mobile strategy according to the business needs. Besides mobile technologies, we also used cloud integration to support app’s nationwide expansion. The app has such features as scheduled rides and preferred drivers. In the first month, the app became incredibly popular, for this reason, it is about to pay off in the nearest future and starts generating revenue.

Consumer Behavior
(a scanning app for research purposes)

A research organization was looking for an effective way to collect data on our purchasing behavior. Usually, researchers loaned their participants barcode scanners, and the process of data sharing was pretty slow and tedious. Participants had to scan the items they purchased and then manually enter and send the data to the researchers. So we were asked to develop a mobile app that could streamline this process. Our team built an app that not only allows to scan the barcodes during the shopping but also automatically fill out the research form. App also works even in offline mode in areas with a bad data connection.

Laundry Time
(a mobile app for laundries work optimization)

Our team designed a custom CRM system dedicated to optimizing the laundry work throughout the whole stages automating different processes and saving laundry time and expenses. For users, it is a convenient way to place orders, select laundry options, see the predefined cost and pick a delivery date and time. Laundry staff can receive the orders and update their status. Drivers get a route and schedule in a quick and mobile manner. And administration can easily monitor the situation and interact with all the staff using the integrated messaging system and with customers sending them newsletters and push notifications.

(a mobile app for courier company)

Our UK customer outsourced our services to develop an app which could help to facilitate the couriers’ work. They had a web portal where registered couriers could pick up a task. But for such a mobile work web portal wasn’t the best choice. A mobile app we developed allows couriers to take new tasks in a prompt manner and lets the company track couriers’ status. Additional feature integrated into the app was an e-signature option to replace extra paper work.

Vocal Sound
(a mobile app for recording vocals)

One of our the most exciting projects was a powerful iPhone app for recording vocals. This app was an idea of a professional recording artist, but it can also fit a beginner who just started to sharpen the skills. Besides recording, the app also has some social media features which let users to promote their created work via sharing it on social networks such as Facebook, Sound Cloud, and Twitter.

(a mobile app for booking taxi cabs)

An application simplifies and streamlines booking process letting operators process clients’ requests much faster. Hence it improves customer experience and increases productivity. Clients can fill in the place of departure and destination and receive fixed price for the route in advanced. When the client booked a car he or she receives a confirmation text message, anyway, client can cancel or change a booking anytime.