First-class App Development Services: Choose Your Reliable Partner

Our company specializes in various areas of program products development, combining a set of foremost technologies: software development, creation of websites and web apps, building of corporate information systems, trade and business optimization projects and more.
If the out-of-the-box software does not conform to requirements of your growing business, it is a high time to address to our company and get innovative solutions on tailored software development.
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Why Choose our Company

Needless to say, that reputation matters most of all when choosing the developer for your future mobile app. Our digital agency recommends you to pay attention to firms which got awards, were mentioned in the authoritative sources connected with Internet technologies and have thorough experience in a particular area you are interested in. For example, if you develop a difficult system with multiple characteristics and carefully thought over projects, the agency which created only simple applications earlier will be hardly able to help.
Our company has vast experience in software development and promotion services. Our products have already gained success and helped a lot of enterprises to optimize business processes and increase profit. We know how to imply the past practices to every new project, regardless the area or complexity of the forthcoming work.

Our Services

The extensive expert knowledge in a wide range of digital solutions from the tailor-made software to start MVPs (minimum viable product), make us an exclusive outsourcing agency creating the high-quality application for your business. Our talented developers are qualified in software building for all existing platforms; we can provide you with services of apps building for iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, websites, and more.
Applications can be used to cope with the energy consumption, to train your employees, to keep corporate documentation and so on. As an example, we designed the program with the educational module which helps newcomers of the large international enterprise to learn about processes of the company. Since the application launch, the time of training of the employee of the company has reduced by 80%.
Take advantage of our experienced services and break new ground for your business.

Is It Possible to Build an App on My Own?

There is no doubt that such opportunity exists. But keep in mind that it could result in new difficulties - developers call such situations "rescue operations." In other words, such projects remain unaccomplished. People began a development process themselves or use services of some third-party developers which do not deliver the expected outcome, and, as a result, they are forced to search for more experienced professionals to help them to understand a disorder. They look for specialists who will be able to finish development and get the product into shape.
Other opportunity consists in that they have already launched the app, but it just does not work, receives awful reviews and spoils reputation of the company. Thus, they want somebody to fix it.
Our developers can provide the rescue services for such products, but in fact, it is always better to rely on professionals and get exactly what you need in the shortest terms at a reasonable price.

Freelance Development Services - Worth the Bother?

Another way you may choose is to use the freelancer’s services bringing you lower prices and inevitably higher risks:
  • Poor labor ethics
  • Misunderstandings
  • Lack of responsibility
  • Delays and unclear timeframes
With 99% confidence, if you don't control every point and double-check everything by yourself, a freelancer will deliver a product which hardly corresponds to an initial concept and expectations.
Spending a lot of money and energy in a product, you, of course, want to have a team equally devoted to your purposes as you are, but not to deal with a freelancer who has other workplaces and employers.

Why Employ the Professionals?

Though you can begin to work on a product independently, there is practically no chance that you reach the desired quality, which only professionals have enough expert knowledge to provide. Undoubtedly the skilled and creative group will bring more value to a project, than an inexperienced amateur developer.
The application is a result of hard work and cooperation of a team, where you are the main mastermind. App programming is a complicated process which requires firm discipline, tried and tested procedures and teamwork of excellent specialists.

Team of Developers

When you decide to use our services, we form a working group of experts:
  • The manager of accounting records, who is the intermediary between the client and the company working with project managers, programmers, and other experts to inform the client and to manage development progress;
  • The designers, responsible for visual content which will be coded by programmers later;
  • Coders who realize projects, adding some magic of programming;
  • The project manager, who will control all the process of development and the stages of work.
Each member of the team will be selected specially for your project from the in-house expert staff. The services we provide aims at transferring business requirements into innovative solutions which become a reality with custom software.

Individual Approach

We base the reputation on the unique knowledge and experience integrated with deep understanding of the requirements and problems which were turned to large digital projects.
We master the best practices corresponding to the global quality standards. Depending on the product you need, we choose one of the most convenient development methodologies (Waterfall, Agile, XP, Scrum) to achieve the best results.

What Is The Price for Outsourcing?

Any development company can hardly tell you the exact cost of services at once, and if they can, it should alert and make you think twice over cooperation. To estimate the outsourcing cost, the professional company needs to conduct the expanded interview with the client to identify business needs, requirements and specifications of future product functions. However, it is important to remember, that it is also impossible to determine all requirements for the app in advance because the market of mobile communication constantly changes, and you should act quickly, provide changes and add new options when the project moves ahead.

Cost of the Minimum Viable Product

The cost of MVP differs for each certain project - it is impossible to provide to the client exact numbers. As an example, if your purpose consists in creating a simple social communication app where users share content, it will not cost much. But if you need the complex solution of electronic commerce with the integrated services of the store cart, online payment tools, databases, profiles and a marketing platform, then you should expect to spend much more because you will be need services of many specialists as backend programmers.

Start Model

As a rule, the young companies begin with the moderate budget lent from friends and family or fundraised. This sum of money is enough, as a rule, allowing the company to pick up steam during a half of year. After that, they most likely will need a large sum to take the prototype approved in the first stage to the following level and to improve it to be prepared for start. Thus, what total quantity? Uniting these budgets, you will be able to calculate approximate outsourcing development costs. However it can help you to consider only the financial possibilities, but you will need a profound research to estimate the full cost of the app and development time.

What Makes an App Successful?

One of the secret facts is that you should not become obsessed with the project. You should approve the idea using strict operating tests, proofs of a concept and development of MVP before proceeding to another round of financing and starting a full-fledged marketing campaign.
Many developers have big expectations of their innovative products even before the actual development. Do not repeat their mistake - you should begin case before you see where it slides.
Cherish the brilliant idea, believe in yourself and hire professionals that will help you to push through the difficult world of applications, and you will be able to get the full understanding of the development process and get a product possessing all the opportunities to change the market of mobile communication and to fascinate your customers. We know how to make a successful app, and we are ready to realize your idea.

Software Development for Business

If you feel that your business is ready to shift gears and have a vital need to:
  • Advance the level of services;
  • Increase loyalty, sales and market share;
  • Reduce expenses;
It is time to use the app development services and get a hi-tech program for your business which will allow achieving all these objectives.

Mobile App for Business: What Problems Does It Solve?

1. Personalisation
In comparison with a personal account or the browser version of the website of your company, the mobile app provides more accurate personalisation of communication with the client.
  • The app solves the problem of search of the site among the competitors - your customers install it on their devices and get access to your services. They also login to the personal account and form the base of your regular clients.
  • If the application provided a system of online payment and order templates, the user does not need to enter the payment data every time he needs the service.
  • There is no binding neither to location - applications work with the minimum width of data channel, nor to the device - it is possible to download an app on the device with any operating system.
  • Ability to integrate with a personal account on the website of the company.
2. The shortest way to reach the client:
  • A mobile device is always at hand
  • There is a possibility to send push notifications
  • Simple logging into the personal account
  • The app is functional and doesn't contain anything superfluous
3. Mobile workplaces
We help the entities to improve the business processes by means of mobile technologies. The solutions we provide help the clients to:
  • Lower operating costs;
  • Raise efficiency of personnel;
  • Increase the profit.
Our company provides the full range of app development services to transform business processes, crucial for activities of the entity, to integrate them into the existing systems, to provide considerable profitability of investments and to increase appeal of a product to the users.

Long-term Partnership and Sustainable Results

Work With Us

We are the reliable team of developers with the exceptional temper to coding, of design geniuses and guru of project management and marketing. Our talented experts always aim to bring the best results and to add the maximum value to your business. Creation of the first-class apps is our passion. The purpose we pursue consists in creation of the software which will be loved by the users, will bring you money and will reach the top of app stores. We always research new tendencies, learn new technologies and transfer the knowledge and experience into our products.

Our designers and developers have a comprehensive understanding of Android, iOS, network solutions and the custom software development which work for your success.

Tell us your idea, and we will help you to create an appropriate mobile app and to develop strategies for its transformation into income. We guarantee long-term success of the project and overall support and maintenance.