Reputable iPhone App Developers: We Will Be Happy to Become a Part of Your Team

Since its foundation in 2010 Miara was delivering exceptional iPhone applications for small, middle and big businesses. Today we have a reputation of top developers with 97% clients retention and over hundreds of successful applications under the belt.

What defines us

  • Reliability. Outsourcing our services you can be assured that we deliver your project staying within a budget and timeframes. We respect your time and hard-earned money and looking for the ways to minimize your costs maintaining high quality.
  • Careful planning. Miara has an established development process which was proven over time. We start our work with an acquisition of a profound understanding of your requirements and needs and determination of core functionality. When we fulfil this phase, our project manager talks terms with you to agree on different project details including budget and timelines. This preparation helps us to ensure that we deliver you what you expect to get.
  • Transparency. Our team tries to make the development process as clear and transparent for you as possible. Your project manager continuously gets in touch with your informing you about the project progress. This person is always available for you to answer any of your questions.

iPhone app development cost

We won’t tell you that it is easy and cheap to develop your own iPhone application, but we can assure you that our developers can make your investment a cost-effective one. Of course, the cost depends on the complexity of your project and many other aspects. Therefore any definite price will be incorrect. We can say that our average MVPs cost approximately $40 000 - $50 000. If you want to get your project estimated, you can call us and get a free quote.