The True iPhone App Development Costs

Smartphones are taking the world by storm, and Apple is at the head of the pack. Today more people are using their smart devices than desktops, meaning their is great potential for anyone willing to engage those users. Where business is concerned, the introduction of Apple Pay, a secure, built-in system for online commerce has hundreds of millions of iOS users ready and able to conduct transactions through their phones.

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A Variety of Applications

iPhone apps are diverse and deciding what form yours will take depends on many factors, like the audience you are trying to reach and the services you wish to provide them. In general, smartphone applications are one or more of the following:
  • html5
  • python
  • php
  • iOS
  • android
  • blackberry
  • /css3

Information Tables

These applications are logically ordered structures designed to provide users with relevant information in the most straightforward way possible. A prime example of this is the iPhone’s standard email app, which is organized in a simplistic, hierarchical structure. Given the lack of complexity, these applications are the easiest to create in terms of development and design. They are a great option for companies wishing to make an easy entrance into Apple user markets with an application that informs users about their company and its offerings.


The next step up from a table structure is best for anyone with an extensive catalogue of goods and/or services to showcase, as it pulls in more information and can be organized in more dynamic and interesting ways, as well as works as either a dedicated app or a web service that is optimized for mobile devices.


Most businesses have no intention of creating a game for iOS, but their significance cannot be overstated, particularly concerning innovations related to interactivity, user interfaces and user experience. Good game developers understand how to fully engage their users and impress them using the largest range of functionality that iOS devices have to offer. While your company likely doesn’t see itself as a game developer, many of the features that work so well in games can have great applications in apps that try to engage their users and create great user experience.

Upgrades to Existing Tech

An advantage of using smartphones is that they come with an array of existing technology that is already built into each device, such as cameras, alarms, messengers, a flashlight, etc. Some applications take these standard software and hardware and improve on them, such as camera applications that have more extensive editing features or leveling applications that use iOS gyroscope technology.

Dynamic Apps

Dynamic apps take data from external sources, such as major websites and continually update themselves to give users the most current information and content. Such apps have the largest applications in dynamic industries and can keep customers up to date with tools like exchange rate calculators and market analytics software.

Creation Tools

Some applications place more focus on the user being a creator rather than consumer of content, such as text document, image and other file editors.

The list goes on

No list is ever exhaustive when it comes to iOS applications, because developers are creating completely novel ways to use these gadgets all the time. The best way to see the full scope of creativity available is just to take a peek at the App Store yourself and learn what others are doing.

The App Phenomenon

Across operating systems, there has been an explosion of applications to address many aspects of everyday life. Applications are great sources of entertainment and utility for users, and companies are seeing the opportunity apps present them to reach out to larger audiences and share their businesses in new and exciting ways. Popular examples like Uber and AirBnB show how well-designed iPhone apps can revolutionize their fields, but they are not the only ones taking advantage of this multi-billion-dollar industry.

How to Get Started

Many businesses believe that iPhone app development costs are too prohibitive for a business of their size, or that their business has nothing to offer the digital community, but in both cases they are mistaken. iOS apps come in all shapes, sizes and levels of complexity, but when they are developed by skilled professionals, they share one commonality: yielding returns and growth to the company that commissioned them. We are fully prepared to separate the fact from the fiction and show you just how much potential your business has in an iOS application.

Determining the Costs of iPhone App Creation

As soon as you have a clear idea of what kind of app you want to create, we can begin discussing iPhone development costs. Precise costs for iPhone apps are naturally linked with precise details, but with a general idea an experience developer can give you a close approximation and work with you to determine how to create an application that fits your budget and remains with the top tier of applications for iOS users.
Price Range - Basic Apps: $1,000 to $4,000.
These kinds of apps are equipped with very simplistic functionality. For businesses with very limited budgets, the best cost-saving measures are to provide as much text and visual content as possible, as well as giving the developers very clear requirements about the design of the application. Integration with social media, GPS tracking and other advanced technology is possible, although at a higher cost.
Price Range - Middle Sized Apps: $8,000 to $50,000
The more dynamic an application is, the more attractive it is to potential users, but also the more complex it is to develop. Much more goes into building application interactivity, architecture and usability than with basic applications, and ensuring that all of these features run smoothly to maximize customer satisfaction requires more time and resources.
Price Range - Advanced Apps: $10,000 to $250,000
These applications are the premier offerings for iOS devices and include applications like comprehensive mobile games and enterprise applications that use intricate behaviors and technology that require extensive time to program, test and refine for maximum efficiency. While these applications come with the largest price tag, they also offer their owners a lot more opportunity to monetize upon them, as their interfaces, user experience and functionality are all cutting-edge innovations that push the boundaries of what users can do with the iOS operating system.

What Best Fits My Needs?

The first step in any development cycle is to determine what you have to offer and who you want to offer it to. Form and function are linked, so once you have an idea of what you wish to achieve, determining the best method becomes a logical next step. A professional development team can help guide you through this process, and our company has extensive experience working with clients to craft unique applications that have the look and feel that best represents those businesses and helps them to achieve their goals.

Development Stages

Keeping Costs Low

The Agile Approach

Our Programming Toolkit

Investing in Your Future

All iOS app development can be broken into five stages:

  • Discovery
  • App planning
  • App Architecture Creation
  • Design
  • Implementation

Discovery marks the foundation of everything that comes afterwards and in its simplest form is the formation of an idea. Every app needs an idea before it can begin, so if you are interested in going mobile, you can and should begin this step immediately by looking for inspiration everywhere, from your own business to competitors to what innovative companies in other fields are doing.

We understand how competitive our market can be, and while our first priorities are always quality and value for our clients, we understand that cost and timing are important factors for an client considering our company. That’s why we follow established methods and utilize proven tools to ensure we are able to develop as quickly as possible at competitive rates and still offer the same guarantees of a top-tier end product.
Our specialists are assigned to work on the aspects of each project where their expertise is most needed. The result is a dynamic workflow that sees several components of the overall project developed in tandem, which allows us to be more flexible in making any changes and more thorough in our review of each element. We address any issue as it is created, all without upsetting the project timeline or project budget. This approach also brings the client closer to the heart of our team with continued communication and extensive review of all feedback to guarantee a better final application.
Coding has come a long way even since the iPhone was first launched. We now have numerous instruments that are used to create each application in less time, with greater functionality and with improved efficiency.
Paying for a business solution means an expectation that the application is going to begin to work for you. There are many approaches companies can take to begin seeing yields on that investment, though some are unique to the platform, and finding the right balance can require a lot of technical proficiency and diligence. That’s why we offer full support on the drafting and execution of mobile-platform monetization strategies, using proven methods, extensive market research and keen insights gained from years of managing successful projects. If you are interested in making the most out of a mobile application on any platform, our monetization specialists will be happy to show you the way forward.

We’ll Guide You Forward

We deliver everything - all you need is the idea and the commitment to taking your business into the digital market. We embrace small, local businesses and international, well-known brands alike on projects of any size, and our application development team never compromise on quality for any of them. Simplicity for us is making the most with the least, and we apply the same principles on each project to ensure we deliver something visually stunning, user-friendly and feature-rich. Our ultimate goal in what we do is not just to be paid for our services, but to create applications that truly bring value to our clients and help them to succeed in the 21st century. If you are ready to be among them, drop us a line and our experts will help you decide on the iOS development costs and strategies that work for you.